who we are

An Indigenous, family owned business with much history, knowledge and stories to share about the Spectacular Northwest Territories!

We used to operate Dene culture camps in the mid-1990s, teaching students, parents and visitors about NWT key cultural experiences and outdoor learning.  With Angela James, as the camp coordinator; and Scott McQueen as the camp storyteller; and Mamma & Pappa - the late Doris and Danny McQueen, as the Elders, we used to have such fun teaching and learning with kids of all ages about the traditional and outdoor activities of the Northern people in all seasons. 

Well … we are up and operating again, only this time with the next generation, our daughter, Jordee and her husband, Cai Reid - along with our son, Taltson, join us this time in this new business venture.  Indeed, we still have so much to share in this new century!

We are located at 185 Curry Drive, Kam Lake, Home of Dog Mushing Central.  Our site is ideally located because of its proximity to the City of Yellowknife.  Even though our campsite is only a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Yellowknife, it still maintains its “wilderness” atmosphere by being near Kam Lake Hills, close to the lake, and next to our sled dogs.

At Tugáh Northern Experiences, we believe our purpose is to promote an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the North:  the hearty lifestyle of the people, the strong Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit culture, the different Dene and Inuit languages, the pristine land and northern animals, and the active concern for environmental matters.

We are a small business with a big spirit, catering largely to visiting families and friends, travellers and sightseers who wish to gain an understanding and participate in a taste of Tugáh Northern Experiences.